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26 Series All Season Lights from KC HiLiTES

Thanks KC’s new All Season Driving Lights Fog Lights Lighting Systems, you no longer have to buy two different types of lights for the different types of weather and driving conditions you may encounter.

26 Series Long Range Lights from KC HiLiTES

Our 26 Series long range driving lights are available as individual lights as well as complete systems.

46 Series Fog Lights from KC HiLiTES

KMC 46 Series Fog lights feature housings constructed from high impact resistant polycarbonate, and include Amber Fog lenses.

50 Series Fog Light from KC HiLiTES

An excellent choice for commercial and industrial applications, compact SUV’s, or on any application where fog lights and space limitations are a consideration.

60 Series Fog Light from KC HiLiTES

The 60 series lights, referred to as Budget Daylighters, feature a high performance 100 watt quartz Halogen bulb in a 6-inch round steel Chrome plated or Black chrome housing.

Light Covers from KC HiLiTES

KC Light Covers are available in a wide selection of high quality soft vinyl and hard plastic that allow you to personalize your vehicle with style.

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