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Pendaliner SR from Penda

The Pendaliner SR gives you twice the protection of ordinary bedliners! Its skid-resistant top helps protect your cargo by reducing cargo movement.

Pendaliner from Penda

The Pendaliner Bedliner provides basic truck bed protection.

Hide-A-Hooks from Penda

Good-looking, hard-working, long-lasting. “Hook” design allows easy use of straps or ropes. Just hook one end to the Hide-A-Hook and secure your cargo with the other.

P – Manufacturer Listings

Pace Edwards, Penda, Performance Accessories, Pop & Lock, Putco

Bed Liners

BedRug from Wise, Duraliner from Durakon, Pendaliner SR from Penda, Pendaliner from Penda

Cargo Straps and Nets

Cargo Gate from Loading Zone, Ratcheting Cargo Bar from Lund, Cargo Bar and Cargo Bar with Net from Outland, Hide-A-Hooks from Penda