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Invader N7 Shocks from Trailmaster

Ideal for challenging off road use. Feature: 200 psi nitrogen gas pressure to reduce oil foaming, heavy duty twin tube design to protect inner shock from damage and rock dents, multi-stage sealing components prevent fluid leakage…

Invader SS Shocks from Trailmaster

Invader SS shocks are Trailmaster’s lowest priced Performance shocks and feature heavy duty twin tube construction.

3 Inch Body Lift Kits from Trailmaster

Designed to lift the body 3 inches through the use of blocks positioned between the body and frame.

Block Kits and U-Bolt Kits from Trailmaster

Lift blocks are an inexpensive, safe and efficient method of lifting the rear of your truck.

Suspension Lifts from Trailmaster

Vehicle-specific suspension lifts come in multiple lift sizes.

T – Manufacturer Listings

TracRac, Trailmaster

Lift Kits

Body Lift Kit from Performance Accessories, 3 Inch Body Lift Kits from Trailmaster, Block Kits and U-Bolt Kits from Trailmaster, Suspension Lifts from Trailmaster.


Nitro-Active Shocks from Belltech, Invader N7 Shocks from Trailmaster, Invader SS Shocks from Trailmaster.